Codester - A Feasible Marketplace for Web Developers and Designers? Full Review 2020

Codester - A Feasible Marketplace for Web Developers and Designers? Full SellAnyCode Review 2020 - modern marketplace for best developers and great buyers!

If you are a budding web developer, programmer or even web designer, then you probably might have heard about Codester. A thriving digital marketplace for anyone looking for templates, scripts and website designs, it has managed to maintain a consistent reputation for itself. But while these are all hearsay, today we wanted to check it out for ourselves and see what exactly this marketplace has in line for us. Does the place really stand out and meet up to the expectations?

To answer both the question and all of our curiosity, today we are here with a complete review on the site Codester. Starting off, let’s get on with the introduction to Codester. When and how the site was created and what is their main purpose? Before moving onto the actual review, here is a glimpse into what we will be talking about today!

Introduction to Codester

Codester is a creative digital marketplace that based in the Netherlands, created to cater to the needs of budding developers, designers, programmers and basically anyone related to the field. It is an online marketplace designed for users to either buy or sell any web-development assets.

The site was launched on May 10, 2014, and since has hurdled and thrived to become one of the well-known digital marketplaces. With new users signing up every day, there is no doubt that it has a solid foundation and will continue to grow over time. Whether you are looking to buy or sell pre-made scripts, design resources, or any app or web related components, then Codester is well-worth taking a spin into.

Why Buy & Sell On Codester? What Are the Advantages?

Now that we have a brief understanding of what Codester is and what does it stand for, let’s talk about the reasons as to why hundreds and thousands of users have joined the premium web marketplace. Taking an in-depth look into their services and the range of features and options they provide the users, this is what we found!

Selling On Codester!

It is incredibly easy to sign up on Codester. Just a matter of a few minutes and you are there! No need to go through the whole hassle of signing contracts unlike other marketplaces out there. Another great thing is that Codester also has an incredibly high commision rate that is up to 70%. Compared to most other sites, that is a high rate to offer and surely is the reason why sellers opt for the creative digital marketplace Codester!

The site is also an evergrowing marketplace that is constantly growing, which means that you get access to a huge number of audience and buyers. A relying source that users also rely on to buy their essentials, the 30% is a small price to pay for the amount of exposure your product can get. An affiliate program is also another advantage of using this site! The tracking system tracks the new customers 3 months after clicking on an affiliate link which leads to the marketer receiving a commision of up to 10%!

Buying On Codester!

Talking about the buyers, if you are a new user then you will be amazed to find an array of useful collection of themes and plugins. They include options for WordPress,  Drupal, eCommerce, osCommerce, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart and even X-cart. Another great deal that the buyers get is that they have the choice of two different license- regular and extended. While the regular license gives you access to use the products for your single project, with the extended version, you can use it for unlimited sites and projects and even redistribute the source files if required.

Summing up, Codester does have a huge range of advantages both for buyers and sellers when it comes to web-developing assets. It even provides several payment gateways to proceed any transaction. Usually, the most preferred method for an online transaction is PayPal, but it also allows for certain credit cards as an extra option. This ensures that for certain countries where PayPal is nor credible, you also have the option to use your credit card!

What Does Offer?

Now that we have highlighted the major reasons that users rely on the premium web marketplace Codester, let’s talk about what it has in line for us. So far we have realized that users can either buy or sell their web-developing assets and elements on the marketplace, but what exactly do they deal with and what can you find on the site? Well to answer this, we visited the site ourselves and this is what we found! Here is a list of all the elements that you can buy and sell on the popular digital market Codester!

Scripts & Codes

For anyone thriving to contribute to the world of digitalization, this digital marketplace is great for codes of various languages. You can find codes dealing with programming languages like PHP, Javascript, Python, CSS, C++, Ruby, Java, and more.

Some examples of the pre-made scripts are social forum PHP script, Image Board PHP script, YouTube API script, Easy Talk Messenger Python script, Real-time CSS Editor, JQuery Bootstrap Mega Menu, Secure FTP Upload, Affiliate Website Builder script and more. Although the variations range from a large number that being PHP scripts, and a lesser number of scripts that being, you can find pretty useful things on Codester that will take your projects a step ahead!

App Templates

Codester also has a range of over 600 products listed as App templates each sub-sectioned into categories like Android, iOS, Ionic, Corona, Buildbox and Titanium. These templates give a head start to mobile app designers and help them create apps for various platforms. Each app template also includes the complete source codes used so that it may come in handy later on.

Website Themes & Templates

The marketplace also deals with a range of amazing looking themes and HTML templates! With hundreds of choices to choose from, you can get themes for various CMS platforms. This includes WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and even Joomla and Drupal. Each template and themes are quite effective for the purpose and niche they are created for, each serves the ideal framework to start with.

Plugins & Extensions

Talking about essentials, Codester also has an array of useful and handy plugins majority or which is ideal for WordPress and Magento. An excellent way to add an effective and useful function and options on your site, the quality plugins Codester provides are a perfect choice! The plugins range from Image SlideShow plugins to Search Suggestions plugins to Backup Plugins and even Messenger and Social Media plugins. Although not as huge as other theme marketplaces, there still is a considerable amount to choose from.


Last but not the least, Codester is also home to a large number (over 400) of pre-made graphics packs for those looking to add an edge to their next project. These graphics packs range from logos, 2D game characters, icons, product mockups, user interfaces and more. Although intended mostly for web developers, the array of designing elements surely does not leave out web designers as well!

Brief Overview & Final Thoughts!

Today to answer the questions and quench our curiosity, we dived into the recently thriving premium web marketplace for web-developers and designers- Although making quite a name for itself within a few years of establishment, we wanted to make sure is it really is worth a try? And so we visited the site for ourselves, dwelled into their array of web-elements and took it for a spin ourselves. After analyzing everything that they have to offer, here are our final thoughts on the web-marketplace: Codester!

Codester indeed is a great place to start for any developers, programmers, and designers! With their array of amazingly featured options to choose from, you can easily get a head start on whatever your next project is. The good thing about this digital marketplace is that it works both ways. Whether you want to buy or even sell your products, Codester compared to a lot of other popular marketplaces offers more advantages. With easy payment gateways with PayPal and even accepting certain credit cards as an option, this site seems very flexible.

And to answer the question of whether this digital marketplace for designers and developers is feasible and worth a try? Definitely yes! Quite helpful especially for web developers, Codester is a perfect start-out point to look for pre-made codes, scripts, plugins, themes, templates, and even graphic ailments!

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