10 Fiverr Alternatives to Make More Money as a Freelancer

Ah, sites like Fiverr. These “bottom of the barrel” marketplaces can be such a hot-button topic in the freelancing world.

But, if we’re being honest, it seems like Fiverr has come a long way since its early days as a $5-for-everything marketplace. And now, real freelancers are making real money with the platform (like Shahzad, who made $33,000 experimenting on Fiverr.)

So whether you’re looking for higher-paying Fiverr alternatives, or you’re hunting down more sites like Fiverr where freelancers compete on price, today’s post is for you.

In this article, we will cover ten legitimate sites like Fiverr for you to find more freelance work, and weigh out the pros and cons for each.

With the vast number of freelance job sites to gain work from, we are confident that these 10 Fiverr alternatives are some of the best choices on the internet today.

So polish your resumé, get your best portfolio put together, and get busy applying!

Here’s our list of the best sites like Fiverr for freelancers who need more clients right now:

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1. FlexJobs

sites like fiverr - flex jobs

FlexJobs makes it easy to find a freelancing gig that you need. They offer tons of reliable job opportunities, the real gigs that can assure you that your skills are worth it.

With FlexJobs, you don’t have to worry about endless ads, broken links, repeated postings, or scams. FlexJobs can set you free from those problems. They will make your gig search experience safer than other Fiverr alternatives.


  • FlexJobs is the best site for finding great, hand-screened, professional, and trusted part-time jobs. There are 5,460 companies using FlexJob services with 29,275 jobs available for gig seekers.
  • Since they are hand-screened, you have a huge opportunity to find the best-quality jobs with easier steps.
  • There are about 50 gig categories available for you, from freelance to full-time, local to global, anything you need, and you can find what fits your career field.


  • Quality comes at a good price. Different from other sites like Fiverr that provide free services, FlexJobs is not free.

2. SolidGigs

sites like fiverr - solidgigs

If you value your time more than anything, SolidGigs might be a good choice. SolidGigs will give you daily alerts of the very best 1% of jobs available on the site. These jobs are hand-picked by the SolidGigs team and fellow freelancers.

SolidGigs also has over 127 courses, videos, lessons, tools, templates, and other resources to help you improve your skills and up level your freelance career.


  • Daily job alert will save a lot of your time. You don’t have to spend hours of your day just to search for a suitable job listing.
  • Aside from the job listings, SolidGigs also helps you improve your skills with various kinds of learning materials.


  • In order to join SolidGigs, you will need to pay a subscription fee of about 19 USD/month.

3. Upwork

sites like fiverr - upwork

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces for freelancers online. If you’re searching to hire, you just need to tell them what type of project you have in mind and the Upwork team will help match you up with the suggested expert. You can browse their profiles and work then select the exact expert that you are interested in.

In Upwork, you can also get your own virtual workspace for teamwork, and all payments are securely handled by the Upwork team to prevent potential scams.


  • This freelancing platform has a wide range of gigs. You can find hundreds of job categories from social media management to web design and more.
  • Upwork has an extensive reach that allows you to access a large pool of clients.
  • You can also get a full-time contract if your client is satisfied with your job.


  • The processing cost is more profitable for the Upwork team. Upwork takes about 10% of freelancer earnings.
  • Sometimes it is hard to get work since you have to build your own network by getting a large amount of positive reviews.

4. Freelancer

sites like fiverr - freelancer

Our fourth on the list of sites like Fiverr is Freelancer. This platform has over 29 million users and counting. You can find thousands of job categories such as copywriting, translation, web development, graphic design, and more. They guarantee that you will find the right job that suits your interest.


  • Job availability is almost unlimited, meaning that there are a lot of opportunities for you to take.
  • For freelancers, you can set your working time to create flexibility.
  • Freelancer.com also has a downloadable application to track your working time. You can take a screenshot of your valid working hours as proof to your employer.


  • Employers usually opt for more experienced freelancers and it’s hard to secure a job for beginners.
  • While freelancers have control of when they can work, some projects may need more time to be completed than the set time in the project description.

5. PeoplePerHour

sites like fiverr - people per hour

PeoplePerHour offers the best quality of products. This freelancing platform is worth a shot because all the freelancers have to pass a quality check first. Indeed, the more qualified you are, the more money you can make.

PeoplePerHour helps you find jobs mostly in the area of design, content creation, and promotion. This platform is specially designed for employers who want to pay their freelancer partner hourly.


  • PeoplePerHour’s easy dashboard allows you to oversee the entire hiring process. So, it is transparent for both sides.
  • While other freelance marketplaces are not budget-friendly, this platform is different. Employers and freelancers can reduce their operation cost significantly.


  • Apart from its pros, sometimes, the user interface can be a bit clunky. It won’t be comfortable to use the platform to communicate for both sides.

6. Guru

sites like fiverr - guru

Guru is a user-friendly platform which can help you find the best gig based on your needs. Searching jobs from Guru doesn’t cost money—it’s totally free. So no wonder why it has become one of the best Fiverr alternatives today, especially in the U.S.


  • This platform is useful for small companies when one person can do the entire task. It will actually prevent any hassle leading to a faster closing rate for the project.
  • The messaging service is available in a browser, on Windows, and also Android, so freelancers can communicate with their clients easily.


  • Guru is less useful for larger companies since it would be difficult to maintain.

7. FreeUp

FreeUp is a top-notch site like Fiverr for finding work. They pre-vet all freelancers so that agencies and businesses don’t have to worry about the credibility of the individual.

From advertising, web design, graphic design, e-commerce and amazon specialists, they cover several work fields for freelancers of all kind.


  • Free to apply and sign up!
  • You get automatically paid every week
  • Excellent reviews


  • Appears to cater more towards agencies looking to hire

8. Truelancer

sites like fiverr - truelancer

Truelancer is a place where you can find hundreds of freelancing jobs in various categories including programming/IT, multimedia and design, content and translation, admin, finance, accounting, digital marketing, SEO, and many more.

Truelancer allows you to access those job opportunities to find a suitable job that matches your skills and specialization.


  • Since Truelancer is one of the biggest platforms to find gigs, you certainly can explore a wide range of freelance jobs and filter them by the city to find the nearest to you.


  • As a freelancer, you have to pay a service fee of 8 to 10% of all your works (depending on the membership plan).
  • In case if your work is refunded by the client after 30 days from the dating project, the Truelancer team will charge you about 5% of your total project value.

9. Toptal

sites like fiverr - toptal

So, what makes Toptal special compared to other sites like Fiverr? In Toptal, only 3% of freelancers who sign up to this platform can get the project. Meaning that if you are the chosen one, and really good with it, there is a huge chance for you to get high-paying customers.

Some of the best companies and startups are using Toptal because of its accurate freelancer screening process. And for this reason, you can get a chance to work with the best companies in the world.


  • Toptal has an accurate screening process. With this system, Toptal eliminates 97% of your rivals if you make it to the exclusive 3%. You can explore the promising network of high commission gigs.


  • Yes, you can eliminate most of the job seeker competitors, but on the other hand, the strict screening process will also limit your chances to get hired especially if you are just starting out.

10. Gigbucks

sites like fiverr - gigbucks

Are you looking for a place to find short-term gigs? Gigbucks might be the place which you are searching for. This freelancing platform allows uploading gigs from $5 to $50. There is an option to approach buyers directly, but they can choose the ones they prefer the most.

Gigbucks allows users to post as many gigs as they want to, but make sure you don’t put up the same postings over and over again as this could lead to your account being suspended.


  • Posting a gig is absolutely free for both buyers and sellers. Also, you can upload as many gigs as you want to get higher chances of getting a job offer.
  • This platform has a review and levels system, which helps top-performing freelancers to stay on top of the page and get most clients.
  • Gigbucks has high-quality customer support with a quick response rate.


  • Payments are limited up to $50
  • There is a 14 days limit that you have to wait out before being able to withdraw the money earned from Gigbucks until you reach Gig level 3.

BONUS: Market yourself through your own website

After reading all the sites like Fiverr, you might still not find the site that truly suits your needs. So what can you do? Well, you can always create your own website and promote yourself.

By creating your own site, you won’t be bound by any policy. All the income will be received directly by you, and you don’t have to share it with any other party.

But remember, creating your own website means that you are responsible for your own advertising.

With creating your own website, you’ll also need your own hosting, and domain — both requiring yearly payments to keep it online. However, if you’re not familiar with creating websites, then this route may not be right for you.

Those top sites like Fiverr hopefully can give you plenty ideas of where to go when you want to find a perfect gig that fits your needs and lifestyle.

It is important for you to consider every single element before you decide to sign onto a particular job. Make sure that the job won’t interfere with your life balance and you don’t undervalue yourself.