10 Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Your App Templates Online

Are you a talented web developer? Do you develop the app, admin, or HTML templates? Boost your sales by offering your templates at the world’s best online marketplaces. These marketplaces are visited by thousands of potential customers, taking your business up a notch with a flux of new clients.

Today, I share with you ten best online marketplaces, which let you sell your app templates online. Join the team of talented web designers around the world, who boost their income through online template marketplaces!

#1: SellAnyCode.com

ith over 3000 cliens from all over the globe, SellAnyCode is a giant online marketplace offering more than 1000 game source codes and app templates for all niches and needs. Since 2019, you can become a vendor at TemplateMonster, tapping into a vast client pool. This marketplace also promotes your templates for you, making earning year money even simpler.

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#2: SellMyApp

SellMyApp is one of the oldest and most reputed marketplaces that sell app and game templates for iOS, Android, and Unity. The Sell My App marketplace offers its clients quality templates and source code. They also have their own Reskin coding team that provides services and support to marketplace clients.

SellMyApp offers you different levels of commission, depending on your sales volume. You start with the Gold level, earning a 60% commission rate. As you sell more with SellMyApp, your commission can grow up to 80%.

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#3: Codester

Codester is a considerable platform offering source code, app templates, web themes, scripts, plugins, and other resources to developers. Here you can sell app templates with iOS, Android, Corona, Unity, and other source code.

Codester offers you a comprehensive and straightforward commission of 70% for all sales. It doesn’t matter whether you sell your app templates exclusively with Codester or not. It doesn’t even matter how much you sell; you earn your 70% commission anyway. It’s as fair and transparent as it can get!

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#4: Mojo Marketplace

A couple of years ago, Mojo Themes and Mojo Code combined to form the new vendor-friendly Mojo Marketplace. Now, you can sell different types of templates with this marketplace. Many people creating websites and applications find Mojo Marketplace convenient as they are directly integrated with Hostgator hosting platform.

Mojo Marketplace welcomes you to sell your app templates under attractive terms. If you sell exclusively, you start with a 50% commission rate that grows proportionally to your sales. In case you sell non-exclusively, you’ll be earning a 50% flat rate.

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#5: Creative Market

Creative Market has been listed as one of the top online template providers for years. Now they also accept submissions from vendors from all over the world. There’s a thing that makes Creative Market different from other marketplaces in terms of its vendor policy.

At Creative Market, there’s no review process, which makes it simpler to sell your items with this marketplace. At the same time, you get a 70% commission rate, no matter how much you sell. You can sell non-exclusively with no financial loss. What’s more, Creative Market doesn’t mess up with the pricing of your items. It’s entirely up to you!

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#6: iBuildApp

iBuildApp is a new source code and app marketplace which works on the annual subscription basis. If you make and sell your app templates (Android and iOS), iBuildApp invites you to start earning money with your products.

Over 1.3 million mobile developers and companies currently rely on iBuildApp for mobile code and applications. Use iBuildApp source code to create apps and sell them in the marketplace. Later, you can reuse up to 90% of the code you create with iBuildApp for other projects.

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#7: Flippa

Flippa is a large marketplace where you can sell websites, source code, domains, content, and online businesses. They have dozens of categories, including the ones where you can sell your app templates, HTML and admin themes, etc.

To submit your template to Flippa, you’ve got to pay them $15. In the future, when the number of your sales grows, you’ll pay even less. Once your template is on Flippa, the income is yours except for a small transaction fee.

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#8: Sell My Source Code

If you’re working on creating mobile games for Android, iOS, Unity, and other systems, use this marketplace to sell your app templates. Currently, this platform offers over 1,500 Android apps for sale and 1,200+ iOS products, being one of the best platforms of this kind.

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To start selling, submit your scripts, mobile apps, or app components to Sell My Source Code. Now, the marketplace will handle the ordering, customer service, marketing, and promotion for you. As a seller, you’ll receive up to 90% commission.

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#9: ApkaCode

ApkaCode is a marketplace where you can sell and buy everything like a business, brand, website, application, and much more. The marketplace managed to maximize the income sellers get from their apps. Here, you can submit iOS, Android, and Unity3D applications.

ApkaCode allows you to keep up to 80% of all the revenue from sales. It has convenient tools for publishing code libraries, components, and applications.

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#10: ThemePlanet

Launched in 2018, ThemePlanet is a recent marketplace selling HTML, WordPress, e-commerce, and other templates. It offers users an extensive collection of free and premium themes, theme bundles, plugins, etc.

You’re welcome to register your store account and sell templates with ThemePlanet. Its in-house team will check and approve your submissions. You’ll receive 60% commission on all purchases.

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Wrapping Up

These were the ten best marketplaces where you can sell your app templates, admin, and HTML themes. These renowned platforms offer you fair or even excellent commission rates. Several theme marketplaces let you sell your templates non-exclusively, making it possible to earn more by selling your products in a couple of markets.

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