SellMyApp: An Exciting Opportunity to Make Money With Mobile Industry

We are in the middle of a worldwide transformation, where more and more people are switching from being offline and disconnected to being constantly connected.

The mobile industry is growing fast, with a total of 3.6 billion unique mobile subscribers at beginning of 2015.

Basically, half of the world’s population has a mobile subscription. One more billion subscribers are expected by 2020, increasing the global penetration rate to about 60%.

With more than 3 billion active internet users, there are more than 2 billion active social media accounts, of which 1,6 billion are active mobile social accounts (source).

mobile stats 2015

With all these big numbers, it’s clear that there is a lot of money on the mobile industry table.

Building your first mobile app can be a challenging experience and the marketing or selling process is even harder.

Marketplaces are the best source for apps developers to make things easier. These places give big opportunities to make money by buying or selling mobile app source codes. With many mobile marketplaces available online, there’s one I particularly suggest: SellMyApp.


SellMyApp: Buy and Sell iOS and Android Source Codes


At SellMyApp marketplace, you can find tons of app source codes of different niche.

This website connects app buyers with app sellers, offering a quick way to complete the transaction.

The registration is free, as well as membership and listings.

So without further ado, let’s see all the major features of SellMyApp in details.


Huge Collection of Source Codes

apps featured at sellmyapp

There are hundreds of source codes available for purchase, categorized by platform:

  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • iWatch
  • Unity

And by kind of apps, if photography, utilities and games (action, arcade, cards, puzzle, sports and more).


Original App Source Code

purchasing options at sellmyapp

With the purchase, you’ll get the original app source code, as claimed by developers.

Choose from a single app license, to:

  • integrate the product in one app
  • distribute the product only as binary
  • make a commercial use of the product
  • further develop or edit the code

Or a multiple app license to:

  • integrate the product in an unlimited number of projects
  • redistribute or sublicense it in a project.
  • further develop and edit the code


Refund If You Are Not Satisfied

If you are not happy with your project, there is a 14 days money back guarantee formula.

This will make you feel secure with your purchase.


Source Codes Developed By Experienced Professionals

develpment hours screenshot at sellmyapp

For any app, there is a section where you can check the amount of hours (checked with the developer) needed to create the source code and a link to a portfolio of the developer, where you can browse among his projects and read feedbacks of buyers.


Customization Support By Original Developer

reskin and launch service at sellmyapp

This is really an interesting option. With this premium service,  called “Reskin $ Launch”, you can get:

  • premium custom art
  • screenshots and icons included
  • build and testing
  • advertising integration
  • AppStore submission

In most cases, it’s already priced, but when not, you can request a custom quote.


Become an Author

become an author at sellmyapp

Other than connecting buyers, SellMyApp also offers a quick way for developers to list your source code and make money selling your app.

On this page, you can find information about how you can earn up to 90% of commissions from selling your mobile source codes and grow your online reputation.

The listing and registration are free and you can get paid by Paypal or bank transfer.

All developers start as “Gold” status, increasing to higher levels, when they reach a certain number of sales volume, customers referred and tutorials written.

Here’s the best level you can aim to:


$5000 in sales volume
Referred 10 customers
Wrote at least 10 tutorials

80% commission rates
10% affiliate commission
Get featured in multiple placements

Pretty interesting, right?


A Fantastic Guide for How to Create and Market Apps

guide insights

The team at SellMyApp has crafted an ultimate guide (published on their blog) for learning how to create an app and make big money on the App stores.

This comprehensive guide offers insights on:

  • what you need to develop a successful app
  • how to set your goals when it comes to app development
  • how to run a niche research to find out what really works
  • how to find and purchase high-quality sources code
  • how to discover what is a good app design
  • how to reskin your source code, saving time and money
  • ways to make money from your app
  • how to launch and market your app
  • how app store work

In these 10 fantastic chapters, you are going to find everything you need to enter the app world and reach success.

I particularly enjoyed the “marketing” section, where, among other concepts, are well explained the cost per install, ratings & reviews system, social media and viral loop (more on viral loop and app marketing on this SocialMediaExaminer post).

If you need an inspiration, just think of the Candy Crush Saga case study, mentioned in the guide. I’m sure you probably have heard of this app and, with high probability, you have tried the game (you may even be a “slave” of this funny app). Well, this game has been incredibly successful at tempting players to invite their friends (the easier way through Facebook) to request help, like extra lives and in-game goodies.

The result? This game is the most downloaded app for iOS ever!



Whether you are a newbie who wants to enter the mobile application world, or a skilled developer looking for a reliable service to sell your source codes, or an experienced entrepreneur searching for investment opportunities, then is for you.

Visit the website right now to discover an easy to understand interface that makes you realize your projects in the mobile industry.


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